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    Tantalum wire and Niobium-Zirconium wire

    1. Tantalum wires
    2. Niobium wires
    3. Wires for electrical light sources
    4. Niobium-Zirconium wires

    For the wires for electrical light sources, niobium wires and niobium-zirconium wires the specifications are as follows:

    Sizes: diameter≥0.1mm
    Tolerance: 0.10mm-0.15mm; ±0.006mm
    0.15mm-0.30mm; ±0.008mm
    0.30mm-0.40mm; ±0.01mm
    0.40mm-1.0mm; ±0.02mm
    1.0mm-2.0mm; ±0.05mm
    >2.0mm; ±0.15mm

    1), Pure Tantalum wires
    Tantalum content: 99.5% min.

    2), Alloy wires
    A. TaNb-20
    Tantalum content: 80%±2%
    Niobium content: 20%±2%

    Niobium content: ≥99.5%
    Niobium+Tantalum: ≥99.9%

    B. TaNb-30
    Tantalum content: 70%±2%
    Niobium content: 30%±2%

    C. TaNb-50
    Tantalum content: 50%±2%
    Niobium content: 50%±2%

    Niobium content: 99%
    Zirconium content: 1%